Alaska Satellite Facility
Delivering Remote Sensing Data Since 1991

Specification Documentation

Documents detailing the design phase.

Radar Design Trade Off
Antenna Pattern
Antenna Pattern Excel Sheet

InSAR Concept
InSAR Parameters Trade Study

Radar Parameters
Radar Electronics Design

P-3 Antennas

Geophysical requirements
Dimensions of Subglacial Water Bodies
Thickness Accuracy

GISMO Antenna Design Report for April 07 Experiment
Antenna Report from KU

GISMO Processing Diagram
GISMO Processing Diagram

GISMO Project Documents and Meeting Charts

Public Access Documents. Team documents available only with prior approval.

2005 Documents
GISMO Response to NRC Decadal Survey RFI
GISMO Meeting Agenda Sept 2005
GISMO Science Requirements

GISMO Team Meeting, Sept. 2005, Algonquin State Park
Final Agenda
Science Requirements (Jezek)
KU Radar (Gogineni)
GISMO Concept (Rodriguez)
Simulations (Wu)
Subglacial Topography (Tulaczyk)
Ionospheric Effects (Freeman)
Project Links (Jezek)
ESTO Reporting Requirements (Jezek)
Aircraft Options Summary

2006 Documents and Packages

February 2006 Airborne Experiment Meeting WFF
Vu-graph Package
Meeting Summary

May 2006 Team Meeting, Vexcel Corp
Agenda, Summary, Plans
Radar Status
Airborne Simulations
May 06 Field Study Summary
Surface-based SAR Summary
Cards Data Format
Scattering Models

Planning Meeting for April 07 — WFF October 06
Overview (Jezek)
Review of May 06 Radar (Gogineni)
Review of May 06 Navigation (Sonntag)
Lessons Learned
Radar for 07 (Gogineni)
Flight Organization (Valiant)

2007 Documents and Packages

GISMO Team Meeting JPL, January 31, 2007
PARCA Presentation (Rodriguez)

Progress to Date
Status and Summary of Mid-year Review, Budget Issues (Jezek)

Planning for April 07 Experiment
Science and Engineering Objectives for April 2007 (Jezek)
Radar and Antenna Status (Gogineni)
Vexcel Data Processing Status, Interface and Readiness (Refraction, Motion Compensation, Calibration) (Wu)
JPL Data Processing Status, Interface and Readiness (Refraction, Motion Compensation, Calibration) (Rodriguez)
Navigation (Sonntag)
Arctic 07 Planning Status and Key Milestones (Krabill)
Proposed Flight Lines 1, 2, 3 (Fahnestock and Sonntag) and Discussion
April 07 Experiment Plan and Discussion (Jezek) (see May 06 vu-graphs for sample experiment plan form)

February 1

Tomography Algorithm Status (Wu) (covered above)
InSAR Algorithm Status (Rodriguez)
Update on Multiaperture Beam Processing (Gogineni) (covered above)
Plans for Reducing May 2006 Data to Topography (Wu, Rodriguez, Forster)
Plans for Investigating Ionospheric Effects and Corrections (Freeman)
Data Management Issues, Schedule for Delivery of April 07 Data, Action Items (Jezek)

June 2007 Vexcel Algorithm Meeting
Processor Review
Summary and Action Items
Updated InSAR Equation

August 2007 Radar Readiness Review (KU)
Readiness Review (Gogineni)
Digital Systems (Ledford)
Calibration (Rodriguez)
Processor Status (Wu)
Experiment Plan (Jezek)
Thin Layer Model (Niamsuwan)

Get SAR Data

Get SAR Data

Select and download SAR data online using Vertex.

Use the ASF API for downloading SAR data via a command line.