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Geophysical Data Management System

On Reconciling Ground-Based With Spaceborne Normalized Radar Cross Section Measurements

Analysis of Glacier Flow Dynamics from Preliminary RADARSAT InSAR Data of the Antarctic Mapping Mission

Measurement of Glacier Geophysical Properties From InSAR Wrapped Phase

Application of Plane Waves for Accurate Measurement of Microwave Scattering from Geophysical Surfaces

InSAR Results from the RADARSAT Antarctic Mapping Mission Data">Estimation of Glacier Motion using a Simple Registration Procedure

Evidence for subglacial water transport in the West Antarctica Ice Sheet through three-dimensional satellite radar interferometry

RADARSAT The Antarctic Mapping Project



Flow Variations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from Comparison of Modern and Historical Satellite Data

Glaciological Properties of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from RADARSAT-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project">change-detection and surface velocity campaign


Structure of southeastern Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves and ice tongues from synthetic aperture radar imagery

Structure of Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Shelves and Ice Tongues from Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

Ice shelf advance and retreat rates along the coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Development of an Antarctic Digital Elevation Model by Integrating Cartographic and Remotely Sensed Data">A Geographic Information System Based Approach

Detecting outliers in irregularly distributed spatial data sets by locally adaptive and robust statistical analysis and GIS

Automated extraction of coastline from satellite imagery by integrating Canny edge detection and locally adaptive thresholding methods

A Complete High-Resolution Coastline of Antarctica Extracted from Orthorectified Radarsat SAR Imagery

Correction of Positional Errors and Geometric Distortions in Topographic Maps and DEMs Using a Rigorous SAR Simulation Technique

Delineation of Dry and Melt Snow Zones in Antarctica Using Microwave Remote Sensing Data

Synergistic Fusion of Phase Unwrapping and Speckle Tracking Methods for Deriving Surface Velocity from Interferometric SAR Data

Automated Delineation of Dry and Melt Snow Zones in Antarctica Using Active and Passive Microwave Observations From Space

Synergistic Fusion of Interferometric and Speckle-Tracking Methods for Deriving Surface Velocity From Interferometric SAR Data

Calibrating and Mosaicking Surface Velocity Measurements from Interferometric SAR Data with a Simultaneous Least-squares Adjustment Approach

Variations in Radar Backscatter Across the Great Ice Sheets

'Evidence for the Tectonic Segmentation of the Antarctic Peninsula from Integrated ERS-1 SAR Mosaic and Aeromagnetic Anomaly Data

RADARSAT Antarctic Mapping Project- Mosaic Construction

Combining SAR and DISP Imager to Investigate the Structural and Glaciological Setting of the Transantarctic Mountains

Wideband Measurements of Ice Sheet Attenuation and Basal Scattering Stearns 2005.pdf">Decadal-scale variations in ice flow along Whillans Ice Stream and its tributaries, West Antarctica

Shear measurements across the northern margin of Whillans Ice Stream

Accumulation variability and mass budgets of the Lambert Glacier–Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica, at high elevations

Mass budgets of the Lambert, Mellor and Fisher glaciers and basal fluxes beneath their flowbands on Amery Ice Shelf

Antarctic Ice Sheet Balance Velocities from Merged Point and Vector Data

Dissertations and Theses

"Satellite Mapping and Automated Feature Extraction: Geographic Information System-Based Change Detection of the Antarctic Coast" by Kee-Tae Kim

"Application of Time Series Satellite Data to Earth Science Problems" by Kee-Tae Kim

"Generation and Refinement of a Continental Scale Digital
Elevation Model by Integraating Cartographic and Remotely Sensed Data: A GIS-Based Approach" by Hongxing Liu

"The Dynamic State of Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica" by Leigh Asher Stearns

"Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Three East Antarctic Outlet Glaciers and their Floating Ice Tongues" by Xiaolan Wu

"Estimating Balance Velocities Using GIS-based Techniques" by Jan Wuite

"Surface Velocities of the East Antarctic Ice Strams from Radarsat-1 Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data" by Zhiyuan Zhao

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