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Dataset Description:

  • SAR — synthetic aperture radar
  • 2007-2010
  • 42 sites in North and South America, and Greenland
  • Monitoring networks include FLUXNET, Ameriflux, LTER, and the Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net)
  • GeoTIFF format in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection and 15-meter resolution

Data File Information

Each scene is available in GeoTIFF format with a XML file containing metadata. A PDF document file is also available for each site and contains image-specific metadata, image analysts notes about channel assignments and colors, and a thumbnail of the SAR image. For sites with multiple images, only one thumbnail is included as images are quite similar in appearance.

Example PDF File:

Site Name: Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES1)
GeoTIFF: Baltimore_Ecosystem_Study_20090728.tif
Imagery Date: 28-Jul-2009, 03:32:51
Location: Maryland
The SAR image has greens, pinks, blacks and some gray colors. By assigning the HH to the red and blue channels
and the HV polarization to the green, we get these slightly more intuitive colors. Green is tree canopy. Black is water.
Polarization: FBD 34.3 HH+HV
Bands: HH (red and blue)
Bands: HV (green)

Spatial Coverage

Sites: The figure shows locations of sites with SAR images and Table 1 lists the site,

and its physical attributes.

Table 1. Selected environmental network sites and physical attributes.

Site NameSite NumberLand_unitLatitudeLongitudeSite TypeVegetation type — IGBP Class
Arctic LTER (ARC1)789North America68.62833-149.593331LTER SiteOpen shrublands
Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES1)945North America39.400281-76.7702806LTER SiteUrban and built-up
Bartlett Experimental Forest823North America44.06464-71.2880769Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
BOREAS NSA — Old Black Spruce234North America55.87962-98.48081Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
BOREAS SSA — Young Aspen285North America53.65601-105.32314Flux TowerMixed forest
British Columbia — Campbell River — Clearcut Site121North America49.87048-125.29087Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
British Columbia — Campbell River — Mature Forest Site120North America49.86725-125.3336Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Buffalo13 ESE — SDSU Antelope Research Station (Calving Pasture Site)1060North America45.516-103.3017Climate reference network stationGrasslands
Cascades/H.J. Andrews LTER — Oregon809North America44.24885-122.180347Evergreen needle-leaf forest
Chamela Biological Station644North America19.509281-105.040175Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
Duke Forest Hardwoods868North America35.973582-79.1004304Flux TowerMixed forest
Harvard Forest EMS Tower (HFR1)886North America42.537756-72.1714778Flux TowerMixed forest
HJ Andrews Aeronet Sunphotometer (AND1)1033North America44.238889-122.223889LTER SiteEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Howland Forest (Main Tower)890North America45.20407-68.7402778Flux TowerMixed forest
Humboldt Gl.2731Europe78.5266-56.8305GC-Net
Juniper Woodland Site1050North America40.259322-112.478125Flux TowerGrassland
Lost Creek931North America46.08268-89.97919Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
Luquillo LTER (LUQ1)681North America18.323889-65.8175LTER SiteEvergreen broad-leaf forest
Metolius Eyerly Burn954North America44.579442-121.500076Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Metolius Intermediate Pine955North America44.452432-121.557166Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Missouri Ozark Site967North America38.74411-92.200009Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
Niwot Ridge (LTER NWT1)997North America40.032878-105.546403Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Park Falls1036North America45.945878-90.2723042Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
Phillips Creek Marsh (PHCK)1091North America37.46069-75.8347115LTER SiteWoody Savannas
Rond. — Faz. Nossa Senhora-Ji Parana — Pasture71South America-10.76181-62.3572222Flux TowerSavannas
Rond. — Rebio Jaru Ji Parana — Tower B73South America-10.07806-61.9330972Flux TowerEvergreen broad-leaf forest
Santarem — Km77 Pasture84South America-3.011896-54.53652Flux TowerCropland/natural vegetation mosaic
Sask — SSA Old Aspen258North America53.62889-106.19779Flux TowerMixed forest
Sask — SSA Old Jack Pine260North America53.91634-104.69203Flux TowerEvergreen needle-leaf forest
Sioux Falls Portable2755North America43.2408-96.902Croplands
Sky Oaks1067North America33.384444-116.640261Flux TowerClosed shrublands
Swiss Camp2742Europe69.5732-49.5952GC-Net
Tablelands Juniper Savanna2712North America34.425489-105.861545Open shrublands
Tonzi Ranch1078North America38.4316-120.965983Flux TowerWoody savannas
Valles Caldera Mixed Conifer2715North America35.888447-106.532114Woody savannas
Walker Branch Watershed1096North America35.958767-84.2874333Flux TowerDeciduous broad-leaf forest
Western Peatland — LaBiche-Black Spruce/Larch Fen292North America54.95384-112.46698Flux TowerMixed forest

Collection boundaries: (All latitude and longitude given in decimal degrees)

Westernmost LongitudeEasternmost LongitudeNorthernmost LatitudeSouthernmost Latitude

Temporal Coverage

SAR subsets were extracted for the dates shown in Table 2. The exact time of the image is included in the documentation.

Table 2. The selected sites, the name of their respective compressed image files, the date(s), and projections of the SAR subset image(s) provided.

Site NameSite NumberImage Date(s)Image Projection
Arctic LTER (ARC1)7892010/07/11WGS84, UTM, Zone 6N
Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES1)9452009/07/28WGS84, UTM, Zone 18N
Bartlett Experimental Forest8232007/07/20
WGS84, UTM, Zone 19N
BOREAS NSA — Old Black Spruce2342010/09/24WGS84, UTM, Zone 14N
BOREAS SSA — Young Aspen2852010/07/19WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
British Columbia — Campbell River — Clearcut Site1212010/06/05WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
British Columbia — Campbell River — Mature Forest Site1202010/06/05WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Buffalo 13 ESE — SDSU Antelope Research Station (Calving Pasture Site)10602010/10/02WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Cascades/H.J. Andrews LTER — Oregon8092008/10/25WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Chamela Biological Station6442010/10/10WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
CP127232009/11/10WGS84, UTM, Zone 23N
Duke Forest Hardwoods8682010/09/25WGS84, UTM, Zone 17N
Harvard Forest EMS Tower (HFR1)8862007/08/23
WGS84, UTM, Zone 18N
HJ Andrews Aeronet Sunphotometer (AND1)10332010/10/25WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Howland Forest (Main Tower)8902010/10/18WGS84, UTM, Zone 19N
Humboldt Gl.27312010/06/29WGS84, UTM, Zone 21N
Juniper Woodland Site10502010/07/20WGS84, UTM, Zone 12N
WGS84, UTM, Zone 24N
Lost Creek9312010/10/08WGS84, UTM, Zone 15N
Luquillo LTER (LUQ1)6812010/10/11WGS84, UTM, Zone 20N
Metolius Eyerly Burn9542010/06/29WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Metolius Intermediate Pine9552010/06/29WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Missouri Ozark Site9672010/08/04WGS84, UTM, Zone 15N
NASA-E27272009/12/23WGS84, UTM, Zone 25N
NGRIP27292010/06/29WGS84, UTM, Zone 23N
Niwot Ridge (LTER NWT1)9972007/06/05
WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Park Falls10362010/10/08WGS84, UTM, Zone 15N
Phillips Creek Marsh (PHCK)10912010/10/31WGS84, UTM, Zone 18N
Rond. — Faz. Nossa Senhora-Ji Parana — Pasture712010/10/21WGS84, UTM, Zone 20S
Rond. — Rebio Jaru Ji Parana — Tower B732010/07/17WGS84, UTM, Zone 20S
Santarem — Km77 Pasture842007/06/12
WGS84, UTM, Zone 21S
Sask — SSA Old Aspen2582010/11/05WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Sask — SSA Old Jack Pine2602010/10/31WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Sioux Falls Portable27552010/03/20
WGS84, UTM, Zone 14N
Sky Oaks10672009/11/18WGS84, UTM, Zone 11N
Summit27412010/01/23WGS84, UTM, Zone 24N
Swiss Camp27422010/01/05WGS84, UTM, Zone 22N
Tablelands Juniper Savanna27122010/09/18WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Tonzi Ranch10782010/09/17WGS84, UTM, Zone 10N
Valles Caldera Mixed Conifer27152010/10/05WGS84, UTM, Zone 13N
Walker Branch Watershed10962010/10/27WGS84, UTM, Zone 16N
Western Peatland — LaBiche-Black Spruce/Larch Fen2922010/09/23WGS84, UTM, Zone 12N
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Get SAR Data

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Use the ASF API for downloading SAR data via a command line.