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Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar


UAVSAR data available through ASF DAAC.
      Coverage map showing UAVSAR data in the ASF archive

Open access — no proposal is required.

Dataset Description:

  • Airborne SAR — synthetic aperture radar
  • 2008-present
  • Locations: portions of North America; Greenland; Iceland; and North, Central, and South America
  • Polarimetric L-band and interferometric products 

Downloadable Products:

  • PolSAR — polarimetric SAR
    • MLC, Compressed Stokes Matrix, Ground Projected Complex, Pauli Decomposition
  • RPI — repeat pass interferometry
    • Interferogram, Ground Projected Interferogram, Amplitude, Ground Projected Amplitude

More information is available at the JPL UAVSAR website.

UAVSAR Technical Specifics

The radar for the UAV platform is a compact, pod-mounted, polarimetric L-band radar for repeat-pass observations. The system will demonstrate key measurements — both during and after a seismic event — for monitoring volcanic activity and for monitoring anthropogenic induced surface change such as subsidence induced by oil or water withdrawal, or other displacements of the surface from tunneling activities.

Key Radar Instrument Parameters

Resolution (range)1.8m
Swath Width16km

Read more on the JPL UAVSAR Website.

UAVSAR Summary

UAVSAR Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar

UAVSAR, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)-built reconfigurable, polarimetric L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR), is specifically designed to acquire airborne repeat-track SAR data for differential interferometric measurements.

The radar is designed to be operable on a UAV (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle) but will initially be demonstrated on a NASA Gulfstream III. The radar is fully polarimetric, with a range bandwidth of 80 MHz (2-m range resolution) and a range swath greater than 16 km.

Get SAR Data

Get SAR Data

Select and download SAR data online using Vertex.

Use the ASF API for downloading SAR data via a command line.