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Product Description

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Short name: PALSAR_RTC _hi

ALOS PALSAR radiometric terrain-corrected products will be offered in beam modes FBS, FBD, and PLR.

ALOS PALSAR data is processed to L1.1 using the JAXA processor, then radiometrically terrain-corrected using GAMMA commercial software. Both a high-resolution (12.5 m) and low resolution (30 m) product are available. 

The high resolution products will be produced in areas where a DEM of sufficient quality will support such a product:

  • North America
  • Australia

RTC High Resolution Product Definition:

  • Sigma nought power, floating point, UTM GeoTIFF 12.5 m
  • Layover/Shadow mask byte GeoTIFF
  • Incidence Angle Map, GeoTIFF, 32 bit float radians
  • DEM INT16 GeoTIFF 12.5 m
  • Browse geo-JPEG 1000 x 1000 (color for FBD and PLR)
  • Metadata ISO 19115 compliant
  • KMZ with 30 m overlay
  • Beams processed: FBD, FBS, PLR


Complete DEM coverage is required for processing to proceed. GAMMA software handles differences in pixel-as-point vs pixel-as-area, and produces a uniform output.

DEMsArea CoveredPostingDatum
1/3 Arc Sec NEDCONUS, HW, portions of AK10 meterNAVD88
1 Arc Sec NEDCONUS, HW, portions of AK, Canada, Mexico30 meterNAVD88
SRTM US1CONUS, HW, portions of AK30 meterEGM96
Australia SRTM DEM-SAustralia30 meterEGM96

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Data Citation

Citing ALOS-1 PALSAR Data or Imagery

Cite datasets in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites. Include the DOI when available (each RTC ALOS-1 PALSAR dataset processed by ASF has an assigned DOI).

Please send copies of published works citing ALOS-1 PALSAR data accessed through ASF to with "New Publication" on subject line.

Type of DatasetFormatExample
ALOS-1 PALSAR L1.0 or L1.5Dataset: ©JAXA/METI ALOS-1 PALSAR [dataset name] [year of data acquisition. Accessed through ASF DAAC, [link to website or insert comma and spell out in print:] [day/month/year of data access]Dataset: © JAXA/METI ALOS-1 PALSAR L1.0 2007. Accessed through ASF DAAC 11 June 2015.

Dataset: [creator credit, year created], [dataset name]; Includes Material © JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition]. [DOI]

Dataset: ASF DAAC 2015, ALOS-1 PALSAR_Radiometric_Terrain_Corrected_low_res; Includes Material © JAXA/METI 2007. 10.5067/JBYK3J6HFSVF

Crediting ALOS PALSAR Imagery

Include appropriate credit with each image shown in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites.

Imagery, primary or derivative© JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition].© JAXA/METI 2007.
Imagery, value added[creator credit, year created]; Includes Material © JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition].ASF DAAC 2014; Includes Material © JAXA/METI 2007.

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Data Service Name: Alaska Satellite Facility Application Programming Interface (API)
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Product Summary


Short Name(s): PALSAR_RTC _hi
Version: 1
Format: UTM GeoTIFF
Spatial Coverage: (60.0 N to -57.0 S; 180.0 E to -180.0 W) Excludes Antarctica, Greenland, and northern Eurasia.
Temporal Coverage: 2006 to 2011

Data Resolution:
Resolution: 12.5 m
Temporal Resolution: 46 days

File Size: 220MB

Product Documentation

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