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Short name: PALSAR_RTC _lo

ALOS PALSAR radiometric terrain-corrected (RTC) products will be offered for beam modes FBS, FBD, and PLR.

ALOS PALSAR data is processed to L1.1 using the JAXA processor, then radiometrically terrain-corrected using GAMMA commercial software. Both a high-resolution (12.5 m) and low resolution (30 m) product are available.

Low resolution products will be processed in all land areas of the earth except Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, and northern Eurasia.

RTC Low Resolution Product:

  • Sigma nought power, floating point, UTM GeoTIFF 30 m
  • Layover/Shadow mask byte GeoTIFF 30 m
  • Incidence Angle Map, GeoTIFF, 32 bit float radians
  • DEM INT16 GeoTIFF 90 m
  • Browse geo-JPEG 1000 x 1000 (color for FBD and PLR)
  • Metadata ISO 19115 compliant
  • KMZ with 30 m overlay
  • Palsar beams processed: FBD, FBS, or PLR


Complete DEM coverage is required for processing to proceed. GAMMA software handles differences in pixel-as-point vs pixel-as-area, and produces a uniform output.

DEMsArea CoveredPostingDatum
2 Arc Sec NEDAlaska60 meterNAVD88
SRTM GL360N to 57S Latitude90 meterEGM96

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Data Citation

Citing ALOS-1 PALSAR Data or Imagery

Cite datasets in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites. Include the DOI when available (each RTC ALOS-1 PALSAR dataset processed by ASF has an assigned DOI).

Please send copies of published works citing ALOS-1 PALSAR data accessed through ASF to with "New Publication" on the subject line.

Type of DatasetFormatExample
ALOS-1 PALSAR L1.0 or L1.5Dataset: ©JAXA/METI ALOS-1 PALSAR [dataset name] [year of data acquisition. Accessed through ASF DAAC, [link to the website or insert a comma and spell out in print:] [day/month/year of data access]Dataset: © JAXA/METI ALOS-1 PALSAR L1.0 2007. Accessed through ASF DAAC 11 June 2015.

Dataset: [creator credit, year created], [dataset name]; Includes Material © JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition]. [DOI]

Dataset: ASF DAAC 2015, ALOS-1 PALSAR_Radiometric_Terrain_Corrected_low_res; Includes Material © JAXA/METI 2007. 10.5067/JBYK3J6HFSVF

Crediting ALOS PALSAR Imagery

Include appropriate credit with each image shown in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites.

Imagery, primary or derivative© JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition].© JAXA/METI 2007.
Imagery, value added[creator credit, year created]; Includes Material © JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition].ASF DAAC 2014; Includes Material © JAXA/METI 2007.

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Data Service Name: Alaska Satellite Facility Application Programming Interface (API)
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Product Summary


Short Name(s):  PALSAR_RTC _lo
Version: 1
Format: UTM GeoTIFF
Spatial Coverage: (60.0 N to -59.0 S; 180.0 E to -180.0 W) Excludes Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, and northern Eurasia.
Temporal Coverage: 2006 to 2011

Data Resolution:
Resolution: 30 m
Temporal Resolution: 46 days

File Size: 50MB

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