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Generate a Mosaic of Two Sentinel-1 Products in Adjacent Paths

Source: ASF Staff


This recipe will go over the steps to create a mosaic of two GRD products in different swaths. Rather than taking individual images of each area, the Sentinel-1 satellites image large swaths or paths of data as they orbit the Earth. In order to facilitate the use of Sentinel-1 products and avoid unruly image sizes, the swaths of data are divided into more manageable ASF framed slices. Because of the manner in which the Sentinel-1 satellites acquire images, creating a mosaic of these products in the horizontal direction requires a different set of steps than in the vertical direction. For steps on how to create a mosaic of products located in the same path, see ASF’s swath mosaic recipe.

Mosaic of two Sentinel-1 products in separate paths.
Mosaic of two Sentinel-1 products in separate paths. Credit: Copernicus
Sentinel data 2018, processed by ESA.

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