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How to Generate a Subset from the Mosaic of Two Sentinel-1 Products in the Same Swath

Source: ASF Staff


In order to facilitate the use of Sentinel-1 products and avoid unruly image sizes, the swaths of data collected by the satellite are divided into more manageable slices of smaller areas. In some instances, the edge of these slices fall on top of our desired region of study making it more challenging to analyze. Luckily, they can be seamlessly combined using the toolbox’s Slice Assembly tool. This tutorial will go over the preprocessing steps to accomplish this slice assembly and the subsequent subsetting of the border zone.

In this recipe, users look at the region of the Amazon bounded in red. However, when no single product covers the area of interest, users can assemble two vertical adjacent products and then create a subset of the desired area. 

Product outlines in gray shown on ASF’s Vertex data portal.
Product outlines in gray shown on ASF’s Vertex data portal.

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Get SAR Data

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